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Rick Siegel's 911 Eyewitness Hoboken Festival Gets Award

Without a doubt the worlds most authoritative and constructive documentary this year is 911 Eyewitness Hoboken by Richard A. Siegel. Stunning original video from the day with meticulous analysis and presentation has packed both the US largest cities festival rooms.

In a one-two punch 911 Eyewitness has picked up two awards for two major festivals.

In Los Angeles
Documentary Awards
Best Historical
911 Eyewitness from Hoboken

Steven Jones Rejects 911 Eyewitness & Censors from Scholars Forum

As Jones takes control of Scholar for 911 Truth banning and censoring Rick Siegel and 2 others. The war for 911 truth goes on as agents infiltrate the organizations. Yep, the billions the DOD is pouring into their own Internet campagin are providing dividends. Without warning or reason the Jones boys have cut 911Eyewitness Rick Siegel, the only man with qualified evidence from the Scholars for 911 Truth now gone.

Steven Jones Censors 911 Eyewitness from Scholars Forums!

Dennis Morrisseau Concedes Defeat in Vermont

Though I lost my race here in Vermont for U.S. Representative, it is very clear what the new Congress must do as the first order of business:

Either the impeachment of Bush & Cheney for high crimes must go forward OR THE CONGRESS MUST FORMALLY DECLARE THAT NO STATE OF WAR EXISTS BETWEEN THE U.S. AND ANY NATION OR ENTITY, and thus this President has no extraordinary "War Powers" vested in him at present, and no authority to attack any nation which has not attacked or threatened to attack America. Iraq should be declared a "police action" that will now be wound down.

US Global Policy in 30 Seconds

Today's complicated formulas for a world dominated by "democracy" and "rule of law" are difficult to make clear for the best minds of the world. Power structures in place for centuries may not like to change to the rule of the mob without some convincing and money is not winning all of them.

Dr Griffin Does a BBC1 Interview September 2006

Dr. Griffin does a fair job presenting that problems exist in the 911 government conspiracy.

The first part of this interview is with Dr. Griffin and then it goes to a part with David Shayler an MI5 agent who allowed Peter from Mail on Sunday to shut him down with a simple "If you prove this" argument. Forgeting to place the burden of proof on the original conspiracy theory of 15 crazed muslims brought down 3 towers and hit the Pentagon of the worlds greatest super power. Yeah, and Tony the Tiger is in the box.

Dennis Morrisseau Calls for General Pace to Perform His Duty

Here is the text of a letter to General Pace sent on 9/20/06 by the humble patriot runing for Congress in Vermont, Dennis Morrisseau. Mr. Morrisseau is running on a no nonsense platfrom. No more lies, no more frauds arrest the criminals and begin the trials. No more Mr. Nice Guy as these perpetrators have screwed the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and every facit of freedom and liberty our nation once stood for.

General Peter Pace, Chairman
US Joint Chiefs of Staff
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, DC 20318-9999
Sep 20, 2006

Dear General Pace:

I write of grave matters.

As a former US Army Officer myself, during Vietnam, I call upon you and the U.S. Military to arrest George Bush and Richard Cheney, if necessary, to prevent the planned and now already underway attack on the nation of Iran. First, to refuse to obey deployment orders to Iran or attack orders against that nation. But if the President and Cheney still insist on ordering up this conflict without a full, formal and "responsible" Declaration of War by the sitting Congress, I ask you to intervene and arrest them--as the oath of office you and I have both sworn to requires.

Hugo Chavez Address to the United Nations

Representatives of the governments of the world, good morning to all of you. First of all, I would like to invite you, very respectfully, to those who have not read this book, to read it.

Popular Mechanics Lies or NY AG Elliot Spitzer Denies the People Justice

In a continuing exposure of crime and corruption surrounding September 11, 2001 a recent article at the mother of all conspiracy sites NYCTV shows evidence of fraud, treason and murder.

In a recent Charles Goyette interview of Popular Mechanics senior research editor, Davin Coburn it was revealed the NY City and state officials allowed Popular Mechanics to view pictures that were censored from the public. When a simple magazine has access to secret pictures questions must be raised.

911 Citizens Court Gets Permit for March and Rally in DC

911 Citizens Court has secured the March and Rally permit for September 11, 2006 in Washington, DC. While Strike The Root will be there to support the 911 Citizens Court we will postpone our actions in DC.

The exciting news is they will be in front of the White House bringing 911 Truth in their face.

Democrat Gatekeeper's at Camp Democracy

Democrat Gatekeeper's Camptown Races Do-Da
By Ed Ward, MD

"What do you get when you fall in [Party] love? 'Cause [Camp] - I've been there and I'm glad I'm out. Out of those chains, those chains that bind you. That's why I'm here to remind you. You only get lies and pain and sorrow.", sang the Carpenters. Prophecy from the past? No, but the old lyrics and title seem to blend with the current political fiasco in which freedom loving Americans currently find ourselves.